[Legacy] Limiting patients who grab many "choice" appointment slots

If you want to make it difficult for your patients to grab (unfairly) a great many choice appointment slots, try these things:

  1. If there is just one patient who is the "offender," you can erase their username and password from Patient Information. This will make it impossible for them to schedule online.
  2. In your Preferences in the Online Scheduling section, turn off the option to schedule repeating appointments. This makes it more difficult for a patient to schedule a great many sessions at once.
  3. If you just want to preserve the "choice" slots (e.g. early evening times) so that you can decide who gets scheduled there, fill those slots with a "meeting" that is named "Hold for appointment". When you want to schedule a patient into that time slot yourself, first cancel that "meeting" and then immediately schedule the patient into that slot.
  4. The same basic trick can be used to prevent patients from scheduling well into the future. Let's say that you want to allow patients to schedule appointments for the next month online, but not any appointments further into the future. To do this, click "More..." then "Edit schedule." Choose the tool called "Block off a span of time." Enter a start date that is one month in the future, and an end date years in the future. Enter as the meeting name "Hold for appointment" and click the button. Now all slots more than a month away have been blocked, though you yourself can still cancel the "meeting" and fill it with an appointment.
  5. Now, every week, you will need to open up another week of meetings by cancelling all of the appointments less than a month out. Though this sounds like an odious task, in fact you can do it in less than a minute. The hardest part is remembering to do it once per week.

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