[Legacy] Link your patient portal to your own website

Your new and established patients can visit www.schedule.care to set appointments. In addition, it is very handy (and a great marketing tool) to have a link to this capability on your own website. 

You can find your link by logging into your therapist account and clicking on the 'help' button. There you will find an article "Setting up a link to TherapyAppointment on your own website". Your unique piece of code is in that article.

Group Practices:  note that each clinician has their own unique link to their scheduling portal. 

For group practices that need to have a 'registration portal' for prospective clients to create their demographic information and request a first appointment, which your admin will then assign to the appropriate provider for treatment and assessment, you will need a 'triage account'. 

A triage account acts as an 'additional therapist' for your group and will simply be a holding area for the newly registered client profiles to 'hang out' until they are assigned to a treating therapist in your group. 

To set up a triage account:

  • In your Clinical Manager account go to Preferences
  • Practice Group Membership and Privileges
  • Choose 'Add Therapist Account'
  • Set up a username and a password for this account. Your admin will need to know this username and password. 
  • Set the practitioner's first name as the first word of your group name. For example, if your group name is 'Premier Counseling Associates' the First Name will be Premier
  • Set the Rest of your group name up in the practitioner 'Last Name' field: i.e. Counseling Associates
  • Leave the Nick Name, Degree Field, and NPI field Blank
  • In the practitioner email address field, enter the email address of the admin/front desk/management staff member who is responsible for managing new patients/intakes. 
  • Set the 'How many appointment max they will schedule' at less than 10 per month. 
  • Select a name from the list to 'reduce your typing'
  • Under copying over the information DO NOT SELECT Claims clearinghouse and Credit Card Processing Information. 
  • In the 'should the new therapist be allowed to.....' make any selections which please you; they can be edited at any time. 

    Here's an example of the form: 
  • Click Set Up Account
  • This clinician will now show up in your admin account view. There's a few more settings to make. Bring up the triage account name in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Go to Preferences: Online Scheduling Service. Set up the page according to the picture below then click 'save changes' 
  • Next, you will want to ensure that you DO NOT allow new patients to register online for each individual therapist by going to each therapist's Preferences/Online Scheduling Service and clicking 'NO' to the Question: Allow new patients to register online? 
  • Now: You'll want to link this triage account URL to your website.

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