[Legacy] The "Repeating Appointments" Feature in Online Scheduling

Many of our customers misunderstand the purpose of the "repeating appointments" feature that you can make available for online scheduling. This feature facilitates setting up multiple appointments. In other words, use of this feature lets a client set up parameters for future appointments, perhaps scheduling an entire year of appointments with just a few mouse clicks.

But even if this feature is turned off, clients are able to manually set up as many appointments as they would desire; it is just more of a hassle. Turning this feature off discourages, but does not prevent, setting up a great many future appointments. Unless you have set up restrictions, established clients are always permitted to schedule as many future sessions as desired; new clients are only permitted to schedule one appointment.

Some therapists have "prime" appointment slots (e.g. evening times) that they want to be able to parcel out themselves. If you want to protect "prime" appointment slots on your calendar, here is how to do this.

Let's say that you have a 6:00 p.m. appointment slot on Wednesday nights that you want to protect and give out as you see fit rather than making it available for online scheduling. Click "More..." then "edit schedule." Use the tool called "Reserve weekly meeting times." Set up a weekly "meeting" on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. called "Hold for appt." or some such, with the start date being next week and the end date being the end of the year. Now these times are blocked; you will be able to cancel one of the "meetings" and quickly put in a client appointment, but clients will not be able to do this online.

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