[Legacy] Blocking Patients from Scheduling Appointments Far in the Future

There are several solutions available:

  1. Block off your calendar for all appointments far in the future. To do this, click "More..." then "Edit schedule", then "Block off a span of time." Choose a start date, say, 2 months into the future and an end date. Call the meeting "hold". Now all appointment slots more than two months away are not available for online scheduling, but you are still able to cancel the "meeting" called Hold and put whatever you like into that time. After a month, you can visit the "Edit schedule" page again, this time using the tool "Delete all future meetings called...." and enter "Hold" there to clear your schedule of these blocks. Then recreate the blocks, choosing a start time two months in the future again.
  2. A simpler solution is to put an announcement on the online scheduling page that says, "Please do not set appointments more than a month in advance." If anyone ignores the message, just cancel the session. To put an announcement on the online schedule, go into your own Preferences and look for the item in the Online Scheduling section called "Multiple office note..." You won't be giving instructions on multiple offices; you'll be asking them not to schedule too far into the future.
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