[Legacy] Setting up Your Schedule / Calendar

When creating your new account, your are offered the opportunity to set up your appointment calendar. If you skipped this opportunity, you will need to follow these steps to set it up. Please note: if you have already scheduled some client appointments or blocks on your schedule, you can proceed safely; they will not be lost by reorganizing your schedule.

Log In to your account. If you are an admin, click the drop down menu in the lower left hand corner to choose the correct clinician. 

Click 'more' to get to the grey column of buttons.

Click 'edit schedule'.

Click 'reorganize schedule'.

Choose your start and end dates. I recommend using a start date that will encompass any past session billing that you might need to create. Set the end date to be the December 31st of the next year. 

Now, go to each of the days of the week offered and select your usual and typical appointment start times. 

Click the button at the bottom of the screen "Revise Appointment Schedule".

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