[Legacy] Biographical Information form or Alternative intake forms

If you have selected the option in "Preferences" to request that new patients fill in a Biographical Information Form, they will be asked to complete this form when they sign up online (they can also log in later to do so). When a patient completes and properly submits this form, you will receive a notification message within TherapyAppointment.

The report of this form will be stored in the "Documents" section of their patient file. To access the report, display the patient's information on the top half of the screen, click the "Documents" button
, and find the file named "Biography.PDF". The absence of a file with that name or a notification message, indicates the patient did not properly submit the form, and they will need go back and fill out the form again.

If you have another form that you would prefer new patients to complete, you can submit this to us via support ticket, and it will be linked to your account. This alternate form may contain any other documents you wish them to receive before the first appointment. However, all documents must be contained in a single "PDF" file; we can't send multiple files, so please consolidate all forms into one packet.

Also note that this form will not be returned electronically as it is sent as an e-mail attachment. They will be invited to print it out, complete it, and bring it with them to the initial appointment.

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