[Legacy] What Happens to my Records if I Terminate TherapyAppointment Services?

If you elect to terminate service with TherapyAppointment, please note that the account would need to remain active until you have concluded sharing/inputting/accessing information, such as posting payments or completing notes.

When an account is deactivated, you will lose the privilege to set appointments, submit claims, or update any financial information. You can still access past records, but you will not be able to input or change anything within the account. The only way to access the records contained within the account, is by logging into that account directly (using it's username and password), as it will not be accessible from an admin or supervisor account.

As long as you keep the log in information (username and passwords), you will have access to the account and be able to print information from it.

For this reason, it is essential that you keep the primary and secondary password information.

If you will still be inputting information into the account, or would like to download your information (click 'More' 'Statistics' 'Download Data'), it will need to remain active until you have finished doing so. Be advised that you need to encrypt your files ? HIPAA strongly recommends that files be stored with encryption on any device.

Please notify us at the time you are ready to deactivate the account.

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