[Legacy] Shared Charting in a Group Practice

If you are in a group practice in which several practitioners may be seeing the same patient, you may want to create "shared charts". When charts are shared, progress notes can be viewed by all practitioners involved with the patient, and patient statements can be prepared that include the charges from all practitioners.

You can tell if a chart is shared by displaying the patient information; the sharing status will be on the first line. Hover your mouse cursor over the underlined status statement to display additional information. If the patient information page says 'sharing blocked' in the top right hand corner, click 'edit info', then 'frequently updated information', and select 'Grant permission' for the setting 'Shared notes/Combined billing'. Make sure to click the 'Enter Patient Information' button at the bottom of the page to save this change.

For any therapist to initiate OR receive a shared chart, the 'Clinical Manager' of the group must enable that privilege for their account.

The 'Clinical Manager' can check a box for each clinician that will enable/disable them from sharing charts (setting is called 'Can share charts').

To review these settings, that person would log into their account, and click 'More' 'Preferences' 'Practice group membership and privileges'.

To create a shared chart, first display the patient information at the top of the screen. If you are in a group practice, a button marked "share chart" should be there. Click the button to get started. The next screen will ask which practitioners from your group should be included in the share. Check the appropriate boxes, being mindful of HIPAA and the "need to know" of the therapists selected. If an existing patient account is located in a therapist's account, that patient account will be used for the share. If not, a new account will be created automatically.

When creating a shared account for a new patient, select "permission granted" in the "frequently updated information" section. Make sure that you have entered all the patient Information before creating the share. Only the information available at the time of the share will be transferred over. If patient information is later edited in one therapist's account, it must be edited in all other accounts, so you will save yourself some typing by waiting until all the information is entered before creating the share.

*Insurance and Credit card information are not shared.*

If a therapist doesn't want a patient's information to be shared, the therapist can prevent this. Edit the patient information, and in the "frequently updated information" section, set "shared notes/combined billing" to "permission denied." This will make your notes available only to you. This can only be done from the therapist account: administrative staff don't have the authority to grant or deny the permission to share charts once they have been established. "Permission Denied" is the default setting when a chart is first created; you must select "grant permission" if you want others to be able to create a share. 

When notes are displayed in a shared chart, the therapist's name is displayed as the author of a particular progress note. This is also true when the notes are printed.

When a statement is prepared for a shared chart, you have the option of creating a statement for just one therapist, or for all therapists seeing that patient. If a patient makes a payment from a shared statement, some of the income received might need to be transferred to the account of the other therapist involved. You would do this from the posting screen at the bottom, creating a miscellaneous debit for one account and a miscellaneous credit for the other.

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