Customizing the Availability Calendar

The option to define availability for specific days within the calendar also allows for different hours each day of the week. If the availability calendar has already been setup, make sure to clear the current availability calendar first to start off with a clean slate.

Clear Availability

Follow these steps to proceed:

  1. Click My Schedule from the left-hand menu
  2. Click Calendar Settings at the bottom right of that screen

  3. Click Edit within the 'Availability Calendar' section
  4. To clear the existing availability, click

Make sure to confirm this decision on the next screen.

Customizing the Schedule

Using this system, you can create an appointment schedule of any sort of complexity. Run through this sequence of steps as often as needed in order to customize a schedule.

  1. Click Add availability slots?
  2. Check the box for the day/days being customized
  3. Define any additional defining parameters (clients self-scheduling, for example)
  4. Choose the hours for the day/days
    1. Appointment slots that start on the half-hour are select with a start time of, for example, 8:30. This creates all the slots to begin on the half hour.
  5. Click Save

**NOTE: On the next screen, the option to repeat this cycle and configure another day of the week is available. Otherwise click Done.


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