Customizing the Availability Calendar

Customizing Your Appointment Availability 

Click My Schedule from the left-hand menu.

  1. Select Edit Availability on the top right of your calendar page. 

On the ‘Add Availability' page, set up a schedule that's 'Close' to what you typically provider - by checking and unchecking the days of the week in order to set up something that's close, but not perfect. (We'll perfect your schedule as a next step).

Now, You'll see your availability as blocks of time. Click the bottom of the block and grab it to stretch it or shrink it. Click on top to move the entire block, delete it or change the location you're at that day. 

Now, when you go back to your Calendar View, you will see your availability highlighted by this translucent color, guiding your eye to easily know your usual availability. However you MAY schedule a patient outside of this availability if you have a need to do so. 

You can add an 'exception' to your usual schedule if you wish to. For example, maybe a certain week or part of the year you have a different schedule - such as the summer or a semester. click the Add Exception Button then select the start and end dates for the different schedule. then proceed like you did to set up your usual availability.