How do I Cancel My Account?

Are you needing to cancel your account with TherapyAppointment?

The first thing to understand is that all paid accounts are contained within a "practice". The practice is the overarching structure under which accounts are established, and unless you are a solo provider (where you are the only account holder within your practice), you can either 1) deactivate your practice, or 2) deactivate individual accounts within your practice.

A solo provider practice would be defined as a practice with only one account set up (that account being a paid, "therapist" role), without any additional account types (e.g other providers, front office, managers, etc.) established within the practice.

For solo providers, there is no distinction when deactivating because as the sole account holder your practice and your account will be deactivated simultaneously (i.e a practice cannot remain active without any active accounts within it).

If you are a provider within a practice, and you do not pay for your own account, you must contact your practice owner or manager to have your account deactivated. Click HERE for detailed instructions on deactivating account holders within a practice.

If you are a practice owner, and you would like to deactivate your practice, here are the instructions to do so:

*Please note that ONLY practice owners have this capability; if you are a provider within a practice and you are NOT paying for your own account, or if you have another role type (such as manager or front office) then you will not be able to do this*

1) Log into your account as the practice owner.

2) Click the "Practice Settings" shortcut from the left-hand menu.

3) Under the "General" tab within "Practice Settings" scroll to the very bottom of the page and locate the "Account Deactivate" section.

4) Click the "Deactivate Account" button.

5) Carefully read the information on that page, type in the word "DEACTIVATE" in the blank space, and click the button to confirm your deactivation.

That's it! As stated on that page, once deactivated you will no longer be able to log into your account or to access any of the information contained within the account. In order to retain that information, you must download it prior to deactivating. Click HERE for instructions on downloading your records.

Once confirmed your account will no longer be active, and you will not be charged for any upcoming months of service.

If you would ever like to reactivate your practice, it can be restored by contacting our support team.

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