[Legacy] How to Create Accounts for Admins and Supervisors

If you have a group practice that includes front office administrative staff, you'll probably want to apply for one or more free "administrator" accounts. These accounts can examine the records of all therapists in a group practice, BUT, to comply with HIPAA privacy requirements, they are prevented from viewing progress notes or treatment plans. These accounts also include a handy way of viewing the schedules of all therapists in a group practice side-by-side. Both daily and weekly schedules are displayed when they click the "Switch Doc" button. They can set or change appointments for any practitioner and can deal with patient accounting, claims, etc. They also have the ability to collect fees from patients in the front office; these collected fees will be pre-entered when the therapist charts progress notes later.

The therapist who is paying for the accounts must log in to create an administrator account. Once logged in, click "More..." and then "Preferences." You'll see category at the bottom of the page which says: "Practice Group Membership and Privileges". After setting up the account, you can also place limits on these account from this view of your preferences. 

Another special (and free) account type is a "Therapy Supervisor" account. This account type is designed for a group practice that includes interns or others who, by law, must have their practice overseen by a fully licensed supervisor. This account type is quite similar to the "administrator" account described above: the major difference is that a supervisor has access to all information, including progress notes and treatment plans. 
Your 'Head Honcho' will need to sign the attached "Accept Liability" form and send it in with their request for a Supervisor account. 

For added privacy, practitioners can opt out of having their practice information made available to front office staff or therapy supervisors in a group practice. By default, admin staff is permitted to view schedule and accounting information but not session notes or treatment plans. You can elect to hide financial reports from admin staff, as well: contact Technical Support if you wish to have that information hidden from them.

Also by default, therapy supervisors are prevented from viewing clinical information on others' patients. So, if you want to permit a therapy supervisor to look at your clinical notes, click "More..." and then "Preferences". About halfway down, you'll see a question, "Allow a therapy supervisor to view/edit my notes?" Answering "yes" to this question will enable your supervisor to "look over your shoulder" electronically.

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