Printing a Client Statement

Generating and printing client statements can be useful when handling billing and managing client accounts. Currently generating one client statement is the available option, for each individual therapist.

Within the Article

Create Statements
View/Print Generated Statements

Create Statements

Printing client statements are easily accessed by following these quick steps.

  • Click Billing & Insurance from the left-hand menu
  • Click Create Statements
  • Define statement criteria
  • Select
  • Select the client(s), then the button
    • **NOTE: Although multiple client names may be selected, only an individual statement is generated for each

Additionally, client statements can be generated directly within the client profile screen. Navigate to the client profile, select 'Billing & Insurance', then 'Create Statement'.

View/Print Generated Statements

Generated client statements are found by clicking Billing & Insurance and navigating to the 'Account Statements' section. Select View to open the statement in a new tab/window, with an option to print.

**NOTE: If the new window does not open please check the pop up settings for the active internet browser: