Charting with a Supervisor

Are you supervising a clinician and need to review and/or sign off on their session notes? 

Let's touch on a bit of the workflow regarding how a Supervisee submits a chart to a Supervisor, along with how a Supervisor can sign off on chart notes.

Within the Article: 

Supervision Process
Reviewing a Chart Note

Supervision Process

First, set up the supervision process. Within My profile, navigate to the 'Permissions & Roles' section (or utilize the right-hand menu) and locate Supervisees. Identify the provider for supervising, then select to Start Supervision.

Within a supervised Provider's session note(s) is an option to ‘send for review’.

The 'send for review' note will appear on their supervisor’s Dashboard, within the ‘Charts Requiring Your Review’ section.

Reviewing a Chart Note

Within the supervisor's Dashboard, select Review Chart within the 'Charts Requiring Your Review' section. 

Acceptable Chart Note: 

When the supervisor finds the note acceptable, choose to Approve and Lock. This places electronic signature on the finished note, for both the supervisee and the supervisor.

Needs Changes/Edits: 

If changes are to be addressed by the supervisee, make sure to document them in the reviewer notes. Select Return w/ Feedback. The supervisee will see the note within their Dashboard. This allows them the option to edit the note, then send again for supervisor review.