[Legacy] Finding link to your Client Portal

Are your clients having trouble finding your client portal? Make things easier for them by embedding a direct link to your portal, and drive clients to your own website!

Did you know that you can link your Legacy client portal to your own website, Psychology today Page, Facebook page…..anywhere a client might find you! To find your unique portal link log into your Legacy account and click the following buttons:

  1. More
  2. Help
  3. Find the section labelled "Setting Up a Link to TherapyAppointment.com on your own website"
  4. Copy the link in that section starting with with https://www.psychselect.com (see screenshot below)
  5. Paste it or link it as many places on your website, social media or email signature as you would like it to appear. 

Don’t have your own website? Then tell you clients to go to www.schedule.care and search for you by name or by city. Ask them to bookmark that website for further scheduling/portal access. Don't want your name to appear in that search? You can disable your name from being included in that search via the "Online Scheduling Service" section of your account "Preferences". Even if you are not visible in the search, your client portal page will still be available online via direct link. Manage your portal settings by logging into your Legacy account and go to: 

  1. More
  2.  Preferences
  3.  Online Scheduling Service 

That section of your "Preferences" is the switchboard for your client portal, and you can answer the questions in that section with the "Yes/No" choices in order to modify how your client portal will operate. Remember to save your changes by clicking to save at the bottom of that page!

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