Migration Update: Legacy to 2.0

Ready to migrate from Legacy to the 2.0 system? Here's what to expect, and how to get your migration scheduled:

We work daily with our development team to ensure the information gathered from our previous migrations is incorporated into our process, informing our steps forward. Not to get too much into the nitty-gritty, but we have learned a LOT from our early migration batches. Aside from overall refinements to the technical migration, improved learning options have also been created which will provide a clear path for us to gear up for what's next: migrating a larger number of our clients with a fraction of the headaches!

Within the Article:

2.0 Beta/Test Environment

Feeling antsy to get into this new view? Already finished your pre-migration checklist and review? If you'd like to set up a free test account to become familiar with 2.0 (while you're waiting to be migrated), you can sign up for a free one in our training environment here: https://beta.therapyappointment.com

Please take note, setting up a test account is a way for you to preview, test, and train in the new 2.0 system. It is not an account that you will use going forward (after your real account is migrated to the 2.0 platform). None of the data entered into your test account will be saved, and it is in no way connected to your existing account in Legacy or your future account on the production 2.0 system.

Pre-Migration Assessment: If you haven't already, please complete the pre-migration assessment within the Legacy portal. More details can be found here: https://therapyappointment.com/legacy-to-ta2-0-migration-registration-is-open/

Migration Details

Due to the irreconcilable differences between the Legacy and 2.0 accounting systems, we will exclude moving financial data from the Legacy to the 2.0 system.

We concluded it is better to let any financial information, originally entered in the Legacy system, stay in the Legacy system. We will migrate overall clinical and client information into the new system.

During our first migration wave some of the providers that were migrated experienced delays in their cash flow and payroll cycle due to confusing financial information coming from Legacy into the new system. This is not acceptable to us.

There are two operational reasons for this change:

  1. The Legacy billing system works on a “simple balance” model and doesn’t calculate patient responsibility, a much-asked-for feature in 2.0. Patient responsibility doesn’t exist in Legacy, so it cannot be imported.
  2. Legacy allows you to solve some problems, such as giving a patient a discount or writing off a charge, in multiple ways. In 2.0, these workflows are more regimented.

After over a year of working with migrated practices, we’ve learned that the creative problem-solving many billers used in Legacy causes issues in the 2.0 billing system, specifically in the calculation of the nonexistent patient responsibility figure that’s central to 2.0.

In essence, the financial information coming from the Legacy system is not suited for import into the 2.0 system. This means that, during a transition period, you will need to work with both systems simultaneously: using Legacy to finish out accounting for old appointments, and using 2.0 to record all information for new appointments. 

In summary: we have concluded that the best way to migrate to 2.0 without interrupting your business is to migrate all of your clients, their demographic information, insurance policies, treatment plans, documents, future and past appointments, reminders, chart notes, alerts, and memos, but simply skip billing history. You will retain access to Legacy to look at old financial records, and start with a “clean slate” in 2.0, entering all new financial information there.

Details Regarding Migration: what will NOT migrate over

  • Re-establish your practice locations. We will only be migrating a single location for your practice, which will be the information currently entered into the practice owner's "Practice group preferences" section in the Legacy system. Make sure that information is up to date, specifically that the city, state, and zip code are in the following format: City, State Zip Code (i.e. "New Town, North Carolina 12345")
  • Re-establish availability. The 2.0 calendar is much more dynamic than the Legacy system, and the existing slots from Legacy are not being transferred to 2.0. Instead, each therapist must re-establish their availability once migrated (i.e. 9:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday)
  • Re-establish supervisor roles. Instead of having a standalone supervisor account, being a supervisor is now a "role" that you can enable for any existing therapist accounts in the group. Because of this, any existing supervisor accounts from Legacy will not be migrated (only therapist accounts and admin/front office accounts will be migrated). You will need to enable supervisor roles for any providers that previously utilized supervisor accounts in the Legacy system.
  • Re-establish patient login credentials. As a part of the overall security enhancements to 2.0, we will not be bringing over any existing usernames and passwords for your Legacy patient files. Once in 2.0, you must send an "invite" to any specific patient to establish a new username and password for the 2.0 portal.
  • Re-establish intake documents. If you had an intake PDF uploaded in Legacy that will not be migrated, and you can upload new documents via the "Practice Settings" section of your 2.0 account.

Learning the 2.0 System

We strongly encourage you (and any other members of your group) to learn about and training within the 2.0 system prior to your migration. Although we have done our best to build intuitive workflows and features, the 2.0 system is different from the Legacy system in many ways, and exposing yourself to the new system ahead of time is the best way to ensure you can hit the ground running.

We have created a comprehensive user guide, videos, articles, tutorials, as well as the free training version of 2.0 mentioned previously. To access all of our training content, please visit: https://support.therapyappointment.com/

If you're unable to find the information you're looking for or have any additional questions, please let us know!

Ready to migrate?

If you're ready to migrate to the 2.0 system, and you believe that your account/group is eligible to do so, please send an email to support@therapyappointment.com. We will review your account/group to ensure that all pre-migration tasks have been completed, and if so, approve you for migration. Once approved an automated email with further instructions on how to schedule your migration will follow.

  • On the day of your migration, our team will begin migrating your account data at 7:00 PM EST. Please save and lock your charting well before this to avoid any "missed" chart notes created at or after 7 pm Eastern
  • Please make sure you have logged out of your account, and that you are no longer making any changes with your Legacy account. Any information entered via the Legacy system after 7:00 PM EST will not be reflected in the 2.0 system, so make sure you have concluded work for the day prior to migrating.
  • After the migration has concluded, the practice owner will receive an email notification.
  • At this time you will be able to log into the 2.0 system with your existing username and password (you no longer will need or use your "secondary" password from Legacy).

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