Troubleshooting - International Bancard Payments

Are you receiving a token error when using saved credit card information to accept International Bancard (IB) payments?

If receiving IB token errors when trying to save cards and take payments, it may relate to the use of the virtual terminal. Users will need to additionally enter the Public Key, in addition to the private key, within their Payment Processing area. Once the public key has been entered the saving and charging of virtual cards works as expected. However, if the credit card used for payment was saved from a swipe with the virtual terminal, the payment process should work as expected. 

To locate/view the client credit card(s) on file: Within the client Profile > navigate to 'Saved Credit Cards' section. Click 'View' to view the 'Added On' date.

**NOTE: Cards saved up to this point via the virtual terminal, or via the [ +Add Card] option from My Profile, will likely not work.

The next likely step is to delete / re-enter any manually saved/keyed in credit cards made prior to putting in the Public Key.