Front Office Role

HIPAA Privacy Rules require that covered entities provide the members of their practice with access to only the minimum necessary information needed to perform their work, given their particular role in the organization. Our system assists you in meeting minimum HIPAA access requirements, along with documenting minimum necessary access decisions, by defining various levels of privilege for the account designations and roles within the application. The Front Office role can be provided to any free staff member account or any provider account. 

Who might utilize a Front Office role?
  • Individuals working for a clinician (or group of clinicians) managing patient intake, data entry, patient scheduling, taking patient payment, managing claims. 

**NOTE: A Front Office account holder CANNOT view private clinical information, such as chart notes and uploaded documents designated for clinician eyes only. 

Two Front Office sub-roles include Scheduler and Biller. The Front Office Biller sub-role access adds the ability to manage claims. **NOTE: The minimum permissions for a Front Office role is 'Scheduler' permissions.

All Clients Access

for each client (all clients):

  • View/edit profile
  • Add saved credit cards, without processing them (Cayan only)
  • Enable/disable client portal & send password resets
  • View(only) appointments
  • View(only) patient accounting screen: charges, payments, adjustments, etc (*cannot view details of each)
  • View/add/edit/delete client insurance information
  • Assign and view standard client documents
  • Upload files to 'Documents on File' section

Practice Contacts Access

  • View/add/edit all practice contacts

Messages Access

  • Send/receive to/from any staff and any clients - including attachments which require a signature

Master Schedule Access

  • View Master Schedule
  • Edit (reschedule, cancel, mark as no show) appointments/meetings in all Provider calendars
  • Create new appointments/meetings in all Provider calendars
  • View new clients list within the Dashboard

Front Office (sub-role): Biller

(additional permissions, when biller sub-role is enabled)

  •  Enter/take payments for all clients
  •  View details of billing info: charges, payments, adjustments, etc
  •  Create statements for all clients
  •  Enter EOBs and view ERA files
  •  Enter refunds for all clients
  •  Enter billing adjustments for all clients
  •  Create, view, edit (fix scrub errors), print, submit, close claims for all clients
  •  Start billing (ie. create charges) for all clients

Additional Billing & Insurance Page Access

  •  View largest open balances for all clients
  •  View all latest claim updates
  •  View list of all clients with largest credits due
  •  View/search all claims, including their amounts, along with a summary of those needing attention (ex., claims with scrubbing problems, rejected, etc)
  •  View/search all insurance payments