Integrated Credit Card Processing via TSYS

Without leaving the TherapyAppointment system, you can charge a copay to a credit card on file with just one mouse click. The payments are then logged into the patient accounting system automatically.
The credit card billing is accomplished through TSYS (formerly Cayan).
Getting set up is easy; everything is done over the phone or through their web site. You can purchase a card reader from them if you wish (it plugs in to your computer's USB port), or simply key in the patient's credit card information the first time they use the card (the system remembers it thereafter).
To get started with TSYS, go here: or call 800-498-0823. Let your agent know that you need to set up processing to integrate with TherapyAppointment, and ask for an agent who handles our accounts. TSYS will supply you with 'Merchantware Credentials' or 'POS (Point of Sale) Credentials' via email. 
Some Hints: 
  • Negotiate the lowest possible repeat-sale rates possible if you wish to charge cards stored on file for patients without having to key or swipe them in each session. 
  • Make sure they know that you are a health-care provider so that they can set your account up to accept health savings account cards.
  • The account they offer you should include the ability to cancel at any time without penalty.
  • If you do not elect to integrate your account with TYSYS, your account will simply have an option to list a credit card as a method of payment received but will not process a card. 
  • If you wish to 'swipe' credit cards, you will need to request that they issue you a MagTek USB port card reader. 
  • Once you have your 'credentials' from TSYS, enter them into your TherapyAppointment  account under Practice Settings > Billing and Insurance > Payment Processing and select 'Configure'.
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