Group No Show Appointments

Within group appointments, TherapyAppointment 2.0 does not currently have a feature that would allow for marking/charging a 'No Show' fee. This is specific to group appointments - accessing individual appointments can be marked/charged via the Cancel Appointment button, following the steps to charge and mark the appointment as a 'No Show'.

Group No Show Workarounds

Two workaround options for managing group appointment No Shows are: 

  • Mark the group as attended, then adjust the CPT code (Yes! This goes against what you might expect)


  • Create a New Appointment for the group, at the same date/time as the existing group appointment, then cancel the old group appointment as a 'No Show' and opting to charge the fee.

To create a new individual appointment for the group, create the appointment anywhere on the schedule (usually right below/above the group). Then "drag and drop" that appointment on the same time as the group. This will "split" the timeslot, allowing for the option to click the individual appointment and select Cancel Appointment. Follow the steps to mark and charge it as a 'No Show'.