Appointment Confirmations

Looking to understand how/why appointment confirmations show up in the TA Dashboard?

TherapyAppointment offers several ways for clients to confirm scheduled sessions including text, email and portal reminders. Once an appointment is scheduled, a reminder is automatically sent to the client in advance of their appointment (based upon the type enabled).

To learn the step-by-step process of initially setting up client appointment reminders, read Enabling Client Reminders.

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Text Confirmations
Email Confirmations
Unconfirmed Appointments

Text Confirmations

Enabling text reminders activates the system to confirm appointments via automated text message.

Selecting text confirmations allows the client to confirm the appointment by replying Yes to the automated text (replying "yes", "YES", "Yes" also works). The Provider sees the appointment confirmation when viewing the scheduled appointment, within the pop-up box when clicking the client's name, like below:

Example of Automated Text Reminder: "Jenny has an appointment with Dr. Strange on 3/24/21 at 11:00AM. To discuss appt., call 111-111-1111. (and if you have confirmations enabled it includes the following:) Please reply YES to confirm."

**NOTE: System reminders are hardcoded with certain information to include the least amount of identifiable information as possible per HIPAA recommendations and for client privacy, and they cannot be altered. Reminder replies are not delivered to TA (or to the Provider).

Email Confirmations

Enabling email reminders activates the system to confirm appointments via automated email message.

Selecting this allows the client to confirm the appointment by clicking the Confirm Appointment button within an automated email. The Provider will see the Confirmed notification next to the client's appointment on the Dashboard.

**NOTE: The client should not send an email reply to the no-reply email address, sent via the system. Relay the importance of calling your office directly if needing to reschedule or cancel.

Unconfirmed Appointments

When a client confirms an appointment through the reminder, their name is no longer listed on the Dashboard within the 'Unconfirmed' list. Otherwise, they will still appear as 'Unconfirmed' in the Dashboard view.

**NOTE: Currently there is NOT an available method for removing 'Unconfirmed' appointments from the Dashboard view.That said, TA developers are always reviewing new approaches to our Dashboard options.

Determine appointment confirmation status by clicking on an appointment from within the schedule.  The appointment will appear as Unconfirmed if a client has not yet confirmed through the enabled reminder system.

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