Custom Client Intake Forms

Creating a custom intake form gives clients the option to print, complete, and sign intake forms.

These steps showcase how to offer an attachment that a client will then access, within their portal.

Within the Article:

Standard Client Documents

To attach a document for client signing, make sure the document has been made available.
  • Click My Profile from the left static menu
  • Navigate to the Forms and Templates section
  • Click Edit within the 'Standard Client Documents' section

Here is where the list of current PDF files are uploaded and managed, such as a Client Intake Document.

Document Settings

Once a document has been uploaded into the Standard Client Documents screen, make sure the correct document settings have been made available.

Auto-Assign - allows the system to auto-assign the document to any new client. Typically this setting will be enabled to Yes.
Requires Signature -  determines whether the client must sign the paperwork. Set this to No in order to allow the option for the client to download, sign and return through a secure email message.
Requires Reading - set this option to Yes if looking to create a mandatory action from your client.

Client Portal Intake Form Access

The client can gain access to assigned documents and forms that require reading, downloading and/or a signature via the client portal.

  • The client signs in to the client portal
  • Click My Docs & Forms from the left static menu
  • Locate the document to be signed (such as an Intake Form), select Download
  • The document PDF will appear within their internet browser
  • Click the option to download the file, then Save to the local computer (somewhere easy for the client to access and remember)

**NOTE: Properly accessing and signing the intake form may require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on the client computer. The standard preview option on many computers may suffice.

Completing the Intake Form

Include any helpful steps necessary to ensure the client understands how to access and complete documentation securely and remotely. Ask the client to complete and sign the intake form, then have them create a new message within their client portal and attach the signed form.

To sign documents:

  • Within Adobe Acrobat Reader will be the option to fill in details and Sign
  • If another program is used, such as Preview, the client can utilize the Tools>Annotate>Signature option

Returning a Signed Form

For the to client send a secure, HIPAA-compliant message with an attachment to their Provider, they will log into their their client portal account and follow the below steps.

  • Within the client portal, the client will click My Messages
  • Select the button
  • This screen brings up a New Message
  • After typing in the Provider name and the subject line, the client can click Add Attachment to attach the signed form