Client Portal: My Docs & Forms

Completing documentation and forms is a vital step before beginning regular therapy sessions with your Provider.

Day one of logging into the Client Portal reveals the portal Dashboard, which points you to the most urgent tasks needing attention.

My Docs & Forms

Clicking My Docs & Forms from the left static menu is one way to access everything the Provider has directly assigned to you. Another way to access these is to click on View Client Documents from within the Dashboard view.

Once in this viewing screen, take time to Download the document and then Save onto your local computer. This allows for access to print, sign, and return in person or by uploading the completed document and attaching via secure message within your portal.


If the Provider has enabled the e-signature feature for the client, the option to electronically sign forms will be available directly within the client portal. Within the Docs & Forms section clients are able to view and 'Sign' available documents. 

Clicking the Sign option associated with the document creates a display in their portal. To sign electronically, scroll to the bottom of the document view page, type your name, and click Sign Document. This also notifies the Provider of the completed and signed document.

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