Client View - New Feature

With a bit of a makeover, the My Clients/All Clients view has an additional feature. Don't worry - there will still be the option to work from within the original 'Old Clients List' view.

My Client Search

Within the My Client section, an additional feature that has been added. My Clients/All Clients have been replaced with new lists that load faster! TherapyAppointment has done away with the idea of two separate “basic” and “advanced” searches, replacing both with one persistent search bar at right of the screen.
To search, simply begin with the first letter of your client. The user can also select to choose from the auto-filled names the system will begin providing.

What else has changed?

Instead of a “Print Client List” button that walked users through a form (a previous 'My Clients' option), now users can access an Export option. This creates a CSV for downloading, of all records (non-paginated- page view only) containing the columns currently visible on the screen.