Client Biography

TherapyAppointment offers a pre-created client biography template, which can be made available in the client portal for client self-reporting.  To download that template, visit Form Templates.

Client Biography Sections include:

- Symptom checklist
- Client prior treatment
- Client early childhood experiences
- Current household residents
- Relationship history
- Education, occupation, and satisfaction of their current situation
- Home life and social contacts
- Health issues and details
- Strengths/Accomplishments

A section is also provided for customizing additional questions. Once saved the report is available to the provider. To review this client document, learn more here.

Printing is also an option, providing useful white space for additional note-taking in a client session. Sign and date upon completion. Upload the completed biographical form into your profile documents and forms, then refer to it in the session note that is written.

Managing the client portal settings can help prompt users to self-report and complete biographical details. To learn more here. Ensure the question “Ask new clients to complete Biographical Info Form? is set to Yes.

To add custom questions to this form: My profile >Biographical Form >Edit and add questions. If need be, reorder questions by grabbing the left side triangles and dragging the question to the new order.

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