Preparing for Migration: Training Your Team

Training for Migration

We strongly suggest that you and your staff have been introduced to 2.0 and have practiced all of the 'daily' tasks prior to migration: We are unable to individually train every practice. Follow this handy guide to training your team members on what they'll need to know about TherapyAppointment 2.0.

At least 4 weeks prior to migration: 

  1. Provide all staff access to a practice account so that they can 'play' and become familiar with the software prior to migration. If you are a group practice and need access to a pre-set-up account for a group, please contact and ask for the login information. 
  2. Schedule an internal meeting with your clinical staff where you present this video - this will introduce them to 2.0 from a provider perspective. 
    1. Tip #1: Have them write down any questions that they might have that aren't answered in the video. These questions will be appropriate to research in our topic-based 'in depth' instructional videos in item #5 below. Have them log into the practice account again and see if they can 'figure it out'. 
    2. Tip#2: Have them send any unresolved questions to a member of the staff that can collate them together and weed out duplicates. This list can become a working start for one-on-one training that you will schedule. 
  3. Schedule an internal meeting with your admin and billing team. Present this video. This will introduce them to 2.0 from an admin perspective.
  4. Invite your billing team to review the billing training videos  located here
  5. Invite all team members to click here to watch any additional  more 'in depth' videos on their own time
  6. Schedule a migration date (you'll be scheduling this at least two weeks in advance of migration) by connecting with
  7. Watch the pre-migration webinar by clicking here. You can also download the slides! 
  8. If you are a group practice and still need additional training assistance after following the steps above, schedule a live pre-migration follow-up training led by TherapyAppointment and invite your staff to attend. Who should attend? The people you've identified as your group trainers along with anyone else. This training is best utilized to answer questions that your providers have written down that weren't covered in the recordings above. It's also best utilized about a week prior to migration and  AFTER you have attended a pre-migration webinar. Schedule Here