Auto-Charging Credit Cards on File

TherapyAppointment has the ability to 'auto-charge' the client's default credit card at the time that you complete and sign the session note, or at the time that you mark a patient as a late cancel or no show if you are charging a fee for the missed appointment. 

Intended Audience: Owners, Admin Staff, Providers. 

Click Here to Watch a Short Demonstration Video. 

This feature requires you to:

  •       Have enabled integrated credit card processing in TherapyAppointment.  
  •       Have at least one Credit/Debit/Health Saving Account card to be on file and set as the default card for the client.  
  •       If you are a therapist in a group practice, it also requires that the group owner or manager has enabled your account to accept patient payments. 
  •      The practice owner or manager must enable Automatic Payment in Charting under Practice Settings / Billing and Insurance / Payment Processing as illustrated below: 

How it Works: 

Write your session note as you usually do. 

Finish your note and go to the note review screen. You will see the payment amount, or in this case, the copayment amount, is auto-filling as the payment amount collected at the bottom of the review screen, along with the last four digits of the credit card number and the credit card expiration date of the DEFAULT credit card on file for the patient. You WILL NOT have the ability to edit the charged amount nor change the card on file. However, if you do not wish to run the charge for the session at this time, just uncheck the box in front of the payment amount before signing the session note. If you do wish to charge the card on file, leave the box 'checked' and sign your note to process the charge. 

If you intended to charge for a different amount OR charge to a different credit card on file, UNCHECK the box before saving the note, and go to the session summary screen to accept the payment. 

You may also auto-charge cards on file for late cancelled and no show appointments IF you charge a fee for that instance. You will be able to 'uncheck' the option on the late cancel/no show screen if you do not wish to auto-charge the card on file for the missed appointment. 

Common Questions: 

How does TherapyAppointment know what the session fee or missed appointment fee is? 

  • If the patient has an active insurance policy and you are using a STANDARD CPT code for billing the session, TherapyAppointment will auto-fill the amount to be auto-charged from the amount entered in the copay or co-insurance listed on the patient's insurance profile under their Benefits section. 
  • If the patient has an active insurance policy and you are using a CUSTOM CPT code for billing the session, TherapyAppointment will auto-fill the amount to be auto-charged from the amount entered as the session fee in the CPT Codes List for the Provider.
  • If the patient has insurance, but you are billing a CUSTOM CPT code, which is not billable to insurance, the amount is  defaulting from the fee you set up in your CPT code list. 
  • If the patient is a private pay client, the amount charged to the client is the price assigned to that CPT code in the CPT code List.
  • If you are billing for a late cancel/missed appointment, the fees to choose from will populate from both your System CPT codes and your Custom CPT codes so that you may choose the appropriate fee for the patient.