How to Migrate

Legacy TherapyAppointment will not be supported after October 2022. Legacy login access will be available to provide financial/historical data only.

Ready to migrate from Legacy to the new TherapyAppointment? The process is quick and painless. Read below for how to get started.

What's in this article:

  1. How to register to migrate
  2. How to choose a date
  3. How to migrate from Legacy & log into your TherapyAppointment portal

**You must be an account owner to opt your practice into migration.**

1. How to register to migrate

Taking this step does not immediately migrate your account. Our Support team reviews each unique account by hand before providing your migration date options. 

Opt your account into the migration process by completing one of the two below easy sign-up options:

  1. Click the green notification box (below) after you log into your Legacy account. Fill out the quick form on the following page and hit "submit." We'll take it from there. 

  2. Email Support at with the simple message, "I'm ready to migrate my practice." We'll be in touch!

Once we've reviewed your account, we'll follow up with more information, including how to choose your date. 

**Please note: our review ensures your account is migrated as seamlessly as possible. It is not at all uncommon to need to make a few updates before your account can migrate. We will work with you to understand your unique account's migration status and situation. **

2. How to choose a date

Once your account is reviewed and approved for migration, the next step is scheduling a migration date that's convenient for your practice. 

Some dates are full and not available for selection. Selecting early ensures a migration that fits your schedule best.

Here's how you'll select a date to migrate:

  1. Support will email a confirmation that your account is ready for migration
  2. The next time you login to Legacy, you'll be provided with the migration availability calendar. Please select an open date that is most convenient for your practice.*
  3. Look for a confirmation email. This will confirm that we've received your request and share valuable training resources and updates leading up to your migration.

*Your migration will occur outside of office hours on the date you choose. 

3. How to migrate from Legacy & log into your new TherapyAppointment portal

Your account migration will begin at 8 PM Eastern Time on the date you have selected. At this time, any data created after 8 PM will not migrate, even if you hit "Save". 
Prior to 8 PM EDT, save and lock your charting (to avoid any "missed" chart notes)  and log out of your account.
After your migration is successfully completed, the practice owner will receive an email notification. At this time you can log into TherapyAppointment here with your existing username and password. (You will not need your "secondary" password from Legacy).
Want to learn more about what to expect? Please read this article  or watch a recording of a recent live Webinar.