Preparing for Migration: Learning the New Software

Legacy TherapyAppointment will not be supported after October 2022. Legacy login access will be available to provide financial/historical data only.

Learning the new TherapyAppointment

We strongly encourage you (and members of your group) to learn about and train within the new system prior to your migration. 

Although we have done our best to build intuitive workflows and features, this platform is different from Legacy in many ways -- exposing yourself to the new system ahead of time is the best way to ensure you can hit the ground running.

Training Content

We have created a comprehensive user guide, videos, articles, and tutorials. To access all of our training content, please visit:

Free Training Accounts

In addition, you can create a free training account to experience and become familiar with the new system while you're waiting to be migrated. Do so here:

Please take note, setting up a training account is a way for you to preview, experience, and train in the new system. It cannot be used to manage your practice. None of the data entered into your test account will be saved and it is in no way connected to your existing account in Legacy or your future account within TherapyAppointment.

Team Training

To learn more about how to prepare your team, please check out our resources here or learn about webinars here.

Additional Questions?

If you're unable to find the information you're looking for or have any additional questions, please let us know!

Ready to migrate?

If you're ready to migrate to the 2.0 system, please continue to this article to learn about the process.