[Legacy] ERA Auto Posting

Now that you have your ERA's setup you are probably wondering what happens next.....

When we receive an ERA file, we will notify you via System message that an ERA has been received. If there are any problem claims noted in that ERA, we will notify you by marking the message 'urgent' and flagging any transactions that require your attention.
Note: You will also receive an email from Office Ally when an ERA arrives. Office Ally will automatically forward it to the email account they have on file for you. You are free to disregard these messages if you wish as any problems will be flagged and waiting in your TherapyAppointment messages, usually within 12-24 hours.
The ERA information can also be located by clicking on your 'Clearinghouse Button'. For every ERA you receive, you will see two entries:  One will be the report of how the transactions were handled and posted, the other will be the 'Raw' ERA data, which will provide you with additional details such as the date to expect the direct deposit. If you are not set up for Electronic Funds Transfers, the date will refer to the date the check is scheduled to be mailed. The check number is also noted.
After correcting any postings that might have a problem, feel free to delete the interpreted ERA.
We recommend that you wait to delete the RAW ERA until you have verified that the funds have been received/deposited into your bank account.
A copy of each portion of the ERA specific to each client will always be available by going to the client's info page, clicking on 'Posting', identifying the date of service and clicking on the button that says 'Edit'. A screen will appear which includes all electronic messages from Office Ally regarding the claim as well as the portion of the ERA that posted.

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