Direct Deposit of Insurance Reimbursement

Electronic Deposits from your insurance company are a contract between you and that insurance company, and you can ask them to get it set up for you by going to the insurance company website and searching for 'EFT" which stands for Electronic Fund Transfers. 

If you are a member of CAQH for credentialing, they offer a free service to assist you in getting set up with all of your insurance panels for EFT; I'd recommend taking advantage of that if possible. 

Please do not confuse EFT with ERA, which is Electronic Remittance Advice and can automatically post when your insurance provides an electronic Explanation of Benefits (also called an ERA or 835 file). If you elect to receive your EOB's as an ERA/835 file, your insurance company will still pay you according to your contract: either by EFT or Paper Check.
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