Insurance EDI Enrollment

Follow the few steps below to determine if any of the insurance payers you will be submitting claims to requires a Payer Enrollment Form.

Step 1: Visit / Resource Center / PAYER EDI Enrollment Forms.

Step 2: Click on the Resource Center top tab. Select Payer EDI Enrollment Forms from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Click on your state name, then locate all insurance payers you submit claims to. *Selecting each state reveals their ERA enrollment requirements.  *National Plans are located by selecting All or Multiple States Payer Enrollment Forms button, located next to the states list.

Electronic Claims Acceptance

After selecting the insurance company from the list of payers, PDF file with instructions will open up giving instructions on Who/What/When/How of the pre-enrollment and form submission process.

Keep in Mind:

  • Pre-Enrollment turn-around time: May take up to 30 days
  • Where to send the form: *This varies- some will have an email or fax. OR you will be directed to open a link and fill out the form electronically*.
  • If the payer requires an EDI, follow the steps within their EDI enrollment form exactly.
  • To check on the status of the EDI, review the EDI form instructions.

Once completed submit the form according to the instructions given. Call Office Ally with any further questions.

One More Step

While you are waiting for the insurance to process your enrollment for electronic claims acceptance, you may use your TherapyAppointment account to create the claims. **Just be sure to hold claims for these companies in your queue until you have confirmation.