Magellan - Rejection Code RC142

Magellan claims submitted to Payer ID 01260 are especially problematic because they require the actual claims mailing address to be included on electronic claims, which is different from all other insurance companies.

Here's the fix:

  1. Click Practice Settings (left menu near the bottom)
  2. Next click Billing & Insurance (top tab)
  3. You will see a panel of options
  4. In the Insurance Features section, click Manage Companies
  5. Here you will see a list of insurance companies you have already added
  6. Find Magellan under the name column and click on it, or the Edit button on the far right side
  7. Make the Company Name field "Magellan Payer ID: 01260" and the Payer ID field as "01260"
  8. Enter the complete PO Box address that your Magellan requires you to use
  9. Click Save and Done at the bottom