Connecting an 'Existing' Office Ally Account to TherapyAppointment

If you are already a customer of Office Ally prior to starting with TherapyAppointment, contact Office Ally at and let them know the following: 
  • Your Office Ally Username and Password
  • You need SFTP Set Up
  • You will be transmitting HCFA forms
  • Your software vendor is: TherapyAppointment
Office Ally will send you connection information. Allow up to two business days for them to create that account connection for you. Once you receive it, you can connect it to your TherapyAppointment account following these steps: 
  1. Log into TherapyAppointment 
  2. Practice Settings
  3. Billing and Insurance - Claim Features Section
  4. Follow the step to enter your Office Ally username and SFTP connection information
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