Connecting Global Payments (Formerly Cayan/TSYS) To Your TherapyAppointment Account

Are you signed up with Global Payments for integrated credit card processing?

If so, you will need to connect your Global Payments account to your TherapyAppointment account in order to enable your ability to keep  on file and process debit, credit, and HSA card  card payments.

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Connecting your Credentials

Global Payments will provide you with your MerchantWare Credentials via an email notification arriving from : or Your credentials consist of the following four items:

  • Name
  • Site ID
  • Key
  • Web API Key

Example email:

If you do not receive your credentials, please contact Global Payments directly to obtain them.  They can be reached at 1-800-941-6557. Let them know you are needing your Merchantware Credentials that should have been sent by email.

Once you have your credentials, you need to log in as an owner or manage role to accomplish connection: 

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Billing & Insurance (top tab)
  • Find the section Payment Processing
  • Click the blue Configure link:

  • Click the right side button:

  • Re-enter your TherapyAppointment password as a security check then click Authenticate
  • Enter your MerchantWare credentials exactly as shown in the email by using copy and paste:

  • Once entered, click
🎉 Congratulations! Your credentials have been entered, and you can now begin storing and processing credit, debit and HSA cards in your TherapyAppointment account.

For more information on taking payment, please see this article: local_atm Taking a Payment.