Chart Redactions

Make a mistake with charting? Chart on the wrong client or date and already lock your notes?

We've got you covered! Use our convenient chart redaction tool to hide that chart entry on both the client record page, as well as when printing chart notes!

In this Article:

Add a Chart Redaction

To redact a chart note entry, use the following steps:

  • Go to Clients
  • Click on the client's name
  • Click the 'Records' tab at the top
  • Navigate to the chart entry
  • Below the chart entry, click 'Redact' and enter your reason for redaction, then click 'Save'

A brief video of this process can be found below:

Is Your Chart Entry Hidden?

We only show the most recent chart note entries by default. If it's an older chart entry you might notice it down the list in blue. To reveal the chart entry, simply click on the chart entry date which will reveal the respective chart entry.

View a Redacted Chart Entry

After a chart has been redacted, you will notice it appears blurred.

Want to view it? Navigate to the chart entry, and click ' View' below the chart entry, which will reveal the chart entry. Please note that it will still remain redacted even after clicking view:

Undo a Chart Redaction

Make a mistake? Need to undo a chart redaction? We've got you covered! Navigate back to the chart entry and below it click ' Undo Redaction' to remove the chart redaction.

Printing Chart Notes with Redactions

When printing chart notes for a client with a chart redaction, the chart entry date will still appear when printed, displaying only the reason for redaction. This is a requirement set by our legal and policy team in accordance with chart auditing recommendations by HIPAA and will look like this:

Is that your logo on my chart notes?

This is only an example of our logo, and by default will not print on your chart notes! This example showcases a feature of your uploaded practice logo, which you can learn more about including how to configure here: Practice Logo and Banners

Change the Charged Fee to Zero

If this particular appointment has billing attached to it, you can adjust it with the following steps:

  • From the clients Profile click the top tab Billing
  • Click on the DOS:

  • Click on the CPT description, bringing you to the details:

  • Change the unit price to $0.00 (as well as client & insurance amount below it if applicable):

  • Then click Save at the bottom right when done:

Delete the Claim

To delete any generated claim for this appointment, follow these steps:

  • From the clients Profile click the top tab Billing
  • Click on the DOS:

  • Click the top Claim tab:

  1. Click the top right blue button  
  2. Then from the dropdown click