Creating a Meeting

Creating a meeting is a handy way to keep track of your time within the system. It can be used for anything from documenting your lunch breaks, to other purposes like keeping an appointment slot open for a particular client, or simply letting your admin team know you will be out of the office and not to schedule a client at that time.

When a meeting is scheduled, clients will no longer be able to self-schedule  (if enabled) on that timeslot (but staff can still manually override that, if they wish).

To schedule a new meeting, use the following steps:

  • Go to Schedule and click on the date and time on the schedule you'd like to create the meeting in the same way as you would if scheduling an appointment. 
  • At the top, click Meeting/Busy and enter the relevant information in the fields below:
  • Click Book It! to schedule your 1-hour meeting (default)

Want to configure more advanced settings for the meeting?

If you'd like to further configure the meeting, such as time length, or if it's a repeating event, click the More Details / Options button: