Updating Insurance On Claims

Do you need to update your client's Insurance information on a Claim?
Has it already been submitted?

Read on to find out how to do this within TherapyAppointment!

To do this, from the dashboard you'd go to:

  • Clients on the left menu
  • Click on the client's name
  • Scroll to the bottom and find the Primary Insurance section
  • Click the top right pencil icon with a square around it to Edit

  • Then enter an End Date for the current policy (if you need to add a new insurance policy)
  • Then click

  • Then click  and enter the new insurance policy information

  • Enter a start date for this policy.

Note: The start date must be before the first date of service you want to bill.

  • Then click
  • Once completed, click on the Billing tab at the top
  • Click on the DOS
  • Click on the Description of the CPT Code (highlighted below):

  • Scroll down to the primary insurance under Claim and Superbill Information, and choose the new insurance policy

  • Then click
  • Click on the Claim button on the top row of buttons
  • Click the  on the top right, then click , then click