Client Alert and Memo

Client alerts and memos are a handy tool to keep non-clinical reference notes for a client.

These are only visible to staff members within the group. They are not visible to clients.

They are easily accessible in the system to view, add, or edit.

In this Article:

View a Memo

To view a client memo, you'd go to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client's name
  • Near the top, find the Client Memo section

Add a New Memo

To add a memo, from the steps above, click the button (center of section):

Enter your memo, then click when done at the top right:

Edit a Memo:

To edit, return to the client profile and click the edit button edit_square :

Make your edits, then click when done at the top right.

View & Edit Alerts:

Alerts are different from memos and are typically more brief to convey information (limit is 500 characters), but do show up in a few more areas of the system, where you can either view them and/or edit them.

Those different options are broken down by location in the system, discussed below:


  • From the dashboard, hover over the info icon to the right of any client name to view the alert:


    • From the schedule, hover over the info icon within the client's appointment to view the alert:

      • When you click on an appointment from either the schedule or dashboard:

        (can both view and edit the alert)

      Client List

      • From the client list, hover over the info icon underneath any client name to view the alert:

        Client Profile

        • From the client profile, near the top, to the right of the client memo to view and edit the alert: