Oklahoma HIE

This feature allows Oklahoma-based providers to connect in a submission-only status to the OK Health Information Exchange (HIE) program.

⚠️ Note: For questions/concerns, please visit contact OKSHINE directly or email them here.

In this Article:

🛠️ Note: to manage OK HIE settings, you must have a role as an owner/manager, or solo provider.

Enable the OK HIE role:

  • Go to My Profile (left menu)
⚠️ Owners or Managers would go to: Practice SettingsStaffClick on the provider name
  • Find the section Health Information Exchanges  (under the Roles section)
  • Click Turn On for Oklahoma Health Information Exchange

  • Once enabled, you should see a ✓ green checkmark and a button

⚠️ Note: Turning on this role incurs a $10 fee per practice, per month for transmission

verified_user For Client Privacy:

We take privacy seriously here, to prevent any data being accidentally submitted, all clients by default are set to NOT report for privacy reasons. You must enable each client you are required to submit for. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Manage Client OK HIE Reporting:

Once the Oklahoma HIE is enabled, submission for clients is managed on a 1:1 individual client basis by going to their records and enabling it.

Here's how:

⚠️ Required roles: Owner, Manager, or one of the client's providers.
  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client's name, bringing you to their Profile
  • Select Records (top tab)
  • Under Health Information Exchanges (below PHI Release Logs) click Turn On:

  • Once enabled, you should see a ✓ green checkmark and a button

Alternatively, from the Schedule:

  • Click on the client's appointment
  • Left of the center of the popup, below the alert, click 📂 Records:

  • Under Health Information Exchanges (below PHI Release Logs) click :

  • Once enabled, you should see a ✓ green checkmark and a button

What and How are Client Details Submitted?

We submit only the required demographics for a Submission Only Status.

Below we breakdown what is sent and the details associated with that so there's no confusion!

other_admission What is Submitted?

  • Practice ID
  • Patient Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Patient DOB
  • Patient Gender
  • Phone Number
  • Patient Address (all lines), City, State & Zip-code
  • Appointment Date & Time
  • Patient MRN/ID
  • Provider Full Professional Name
  • Provider NPI (Type 1)
  • Practice NPI (Type 2)
  • Practice Name
  • Practice Address (all lines), City, State & Zip-code
  • Diagnosis Code / Diagnosis Description
  • Procedure / Service
  • Procedure / Service Description
  • Submission ID
  • Patient Chart ID

schedule When & Why:

  • This applies for each “encounter” (ie. appointment) as required by the HIE
  • This data is automatically submitted twice daily, at 8:00 UTC & 20:00 UTC