How do I delete a Client?

You can delete clients by going to:

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client you wish to delete
  • Click the red button on the far right hand menu of the client's profile
  • If the button is grey, it means the client cannot be deleted
  • Hovering over the button reveals a tooltip explaining why the client cannot be deleted

Video from the client profile:

  • Click the red Continue button to confirm your permanent deletion of the client
⚠️  Note: If any records exist (such as appointments, payments or documents) under a client, it will not be possible to delete that client. Some records, like documents on file, can be removed or unassigned. If they can't be removed, we recommend marking the Client as Inactive (article). It will hide the client in many areas of the system, including client search, appointment creation, etc.