How do I update my Credit Card with TherapyAppointment?

TherapyAppointment practices pay for their subscription by keeping a credit card on file.

credit_card Some basic information:

  • The practice must have at least one credit card on file to pay for your TherapyAppointment account
  • The practice may not remove the last card on file without first adding a new card. 
  • TherapyAppointment will charge the card designated as the default on file to pay for the practice's subscription.

In This Article: 

credit_card Add a New Credit Card on File

Things to note:

To add a new card on file, the account owner would go to: 

  • My Profile (left menu)
  • Navigate to the Billing Information section (near the bottom)
  • Under the Credit Cards section click  
  • Then enter the required credit card number and billing information

  • Edit the card details and click (by default, the card is marked as default)

credit_card_off Remove a Credit Card on File

  • Once a second card (or more) has been added on file, you can remove old card information
  • To the right of the card details, click

Then click at the bottom left: