Creating Custom CPT Codes

Needing to use customized CPT codes?  

TherapyAppointment 2.0 offers options to manage Standard codes (required for billing insurance claims), Add-on codes (used in addition to Standard CPT codes for insurance billing),  and Custom codes (Unique service codes that will not be billed to insurance), and System codes (Used for Late Cancellations and No-Show Fees ). This article discusses Custom CPT Codes.

In This  Article:

Custom CPT Codes (Practice-level)
Custom CPT Codes (Provider-level)
Reset Provider Codes

Custom CPT Codes (Practice-level)

To access and manage custom CPT codes:

  • Cclick Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Then click on the Billing & Insurance top tab
  • Select Set Up on the 'CPT Codes > Custom Codes' line

  • To customize codes, click , located at the bottom of the Custom Codes section

  • Enter up to a 5-Character code and Description along with an applicable fee. If there is 'no charge' for the service, add 0.00 as the charge. 

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save to save the changes 

**NOTE: Custom codes WILL NOT populate on claims. If you need to add a CPT code that will be included on an insurance claim/is a standard or add-on CPT code, navigate to the "Standard" or "Add-On" code section (either above, or below the Custom) and follow this same process to create a new code. 

Custom CPT Codes (Provider-level)

To manage and customize provider-level CPT code settings, follow the same steps as above with one variation:

  • Click Practice Settings, then Billing & Insurance
  • Scroll down the page to the section titled Therapist Specific CPT Codes. 
  • Select the Therapist whose codes are being edited. 
  • Proceed as illustrated in the steps above. 

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