Creating Custom CPT Codes

The CPT code setup includes Standard codes (fees you charge for the CPT codes used on claims), Add-on codes (used to modify claims), Custom codes (additional codes your practice uses), and System codes (late cancellations and no shows).

Custom CPT code (Practice-level)

To access CPT code sections for customization, click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu, select the Billing & Insurance top tab. Within the 'CPT Codes' section, click Set Up.

For a practice that uses the same CPT code settings across the board for consistent CPT code prices, selection, and offerings.

  • Click the button, located at the end of the Standard CPT Codes
  • Enter a Code
  • Enter a Name (description)
  • If applicable, include a fee, time reserved, and/or session duration

**NOTE: Custom codes will not populate on claims. To add a CPT code that will be present on claims, add to the "Standard" or "Add-On" code list as appropriate.

Custom CPT code (Therapist-level)

For a therapist that uses different CPT code (customized) settings than either the practice or other therapists in the practice, based on CPT code prices, selection, and offerings.

  • Click on My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Select Billing & Insurance from the top tabs 
  • Within the CPT Codes section, click the Set Up option [if not set up yet] OR
  • Edit to modify existing therapist-specific CPT codes


To revert back to practice level CPT codes, go to My Profile > Billing & Insurance > CPT Settings > [Reset Codes]

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