Creating Custom CPT Codes

Needing to use customized CPT codes?  

TherapyAppointment 2.0 offers options to manage a variety of codes:

  • Standard codes: required for billing insurance claims
  • Add-on codes: used in addition to Standard CPT codes for insurance billing
  • Custom codes: Unique service codes that will not be billed to insurance
  • System codes: Used for Late Cancellations and No-Show Fees

This article discusses Custom CPT Codes


Custom Codes will NOT populate on Claims and Superbills

In This  Article:

Custom CPT Codes (Practice-level)
Custom CPT Codes (Provider-level)
Reset Provider Codes

Custom CPT Codes (Practice-level)

To access and manage custom CPT codes:

  • Click Practice Settings from the left-hand menu
  • Then click on the Billing & Insurance top tab
  • Select Set Up on the 'CPT Codes > Custom Codes' line

  • To customize codes, click , located at the bottom of the Custom Codes section

  • Enter up to a 5-Character code and Description along with an applicable fee. If there is 'no charge' for the service, add 0.00 as the charge. 

  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save to save the changes 

**NOTE: Custom codes WILL NOT populate on claims. If you need to add a CPT code that will be included on an insurance claim/is a standard or add-on CPT code, navigate to the "Standard" or "Add-On" code section (either above, or below the Custom) and follow this same process to create a new code. 

Custom CPT Codes (Provider-level)

To manage and customize provider-level CPT code settings, follow the same steps as above with one variation:

  • Click Practice Settings, then Billing & Insurance
  • Scroll down the page to the section titled Therapist Specific CPT Codes. 
  • Select the Therapist whose codes are being edited. 
  • Proceed as illustrated in the steps above. 

As a provider, to manage and customize your own provider-level CPT code settings, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Profile, under CPT Settings click the blue Set Up button:
  • You'll then be presented with this screen, starting with Standard (CPT) Codes:
  • Scroll down and you'll see Custom (CPT) Codes:
  • Once completed, click the blue save button at the bottom right: