How do I reset a client Username?

As a therapist, while it is not possible to clear out a client username (it can be updated by clients once signed in), it can be retrieved for the client by following these steps:

Staff View

  • Clients (left menu)
  • Click the client name, loading their profile
  • On the right menu, look under all the buttons for Client Portal Access:

This is a client without a portal account setup:
(Meaning no username, they can set it up if you re-send the portal invite)

This no username has been setup, so they can define their own username if you re-send the invite. To do this, in the same right-hand menu above the username, click the blue button (Re-)Send Portal Invite

This is a client with a portal account setup, noting the username:

This is a client portal account that's been disabled with the toggle to the left:

This would mean the client does have an account created, but wouldn't be able to sign in unless re-enabled

Once the client resets their password, they can sign into their account and update their username information with the below steps.

Client View

  • My Profile (left menu)
  • On the right menu, click the edit icon beside the existing username:

  • Enter the new username and click at the bottom right
⚠️ Note: Are either you or the client on a mobile device?

If so, you will see this same right hand menu at the very bottom of the screen: