Adding an Insurance Company

Adding an insurance company to the system is a vital and important step for many practices.

Read on more to learn how to add, manage and setup all insurance companies your group deals with!

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Add Insurance Companies

⚠️ Note: Required role is Owner or Manager

Follow these few steps to access and manage insurance companies connected to your practice group.

  • Click Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Select Billing & Insurance (top tab)
  • Navigate down to the 'Insurance Features' section
  • Click the button:

  • Click the button (top right of the screen):

At this point two options appear: 

  • Search
  • and 'Manually Add Insurance Company' shown below:


  • If opting for the 'Search' feature, search our insurance database by Insurance Company Name or Payer ID.
  • Enter your keywords, and we automatically update the results below.
  • Once you've found the right company, click

  • From there, enter the details of the company and
  • If you're not done entering insurance companies, instead click

Manually Add Insurance Company

Enter the name of the insurance company in the field provided, and click

From there, manually enter the Insurance Company details, paying close attention to each field especially the Payer ID.  

An option is provided to add the insurance company's claims mailing address if desired. However this is not required if you are submitting claims to insurance companies electronically. It is required if you will be printing and mailing paper claims to insurance companies.

Setting up Magellan Insurance

Magellan (Payer ID # 01260) is very picky about their address format, requiring claims to populate in a very specific way.

For this reason, Magellan must be added manually. 

Adding Magellan:

  • Go to Manually Add Insurance Company
  • Enter "Magellan Payer ID: 01260" in the Company Name field
  • Press the  button. 
    Do not enter a Payer ID number in the 'Payer ID' field; it should stay blank
  • You MUST Enter Magellan's claims mailing address in the fields provided
  • Press the Save and Done or Save and Add another option at the bottom