Refund Client Payment

Looking for quick access to process a refund from a client payment? Need to refund a recent credit card charge?

Below we offer quick steps to select and refund various client payment types. If it is a payment with an integrated card processor, we offer an "all or none" approach to refunds where we would refund the entire amount to the card charged.

Refunding a Payment

  • Click Billing & Insurance from the left-hand menu
  • Select the button
  • Chose Patient Payments and Refunds from the drop-down
  • Define the 'Payment Date', 'Therapist', 'Client' information
  • Only select the Payment Type desired (such as 'Credit Card Payment' or 'Check Payment')
  • Click Search
  • Select the payment line item to be refunded
  • Click the button
  • Then Save Refund

From the Client Billing Tab

To refund from the client billing tab, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the Client Payment line you wish to refund

  • Then click the blue button