Charging Clients a Credit Card Processing Fee

Some therapy businesses choose to pass on the cost of credit card processing to their client instead of considering it a usual cost of business. This article explains how to add that processing charge to the client's fees for the service. 

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Step By Step Directions outlined in the video above:

1. Enter a Custom Code in your CPT code list that Indicates a Credit Card Processing Surcharge and assign your usual and customary fee for credit card processing. You will be able to edit this charge at the time of service. 

2. At time of service click on the patient's appointment on their schedule and use the Accept Payment Button on the Session Summary Page. 

3. Click on the session line item and open up the invoice. 

4. At the top of the page select 'Add Service' and select the Code for the Credit Card Processing Surcharge. 

5. Edit the Unit Price and Client Responsibility amount to match the actual surcharge you are charging for the payment and Save

6. Take Payment as you usually would for a credit card.