NC HealthConnex

HealthConnex allows NC-based providers to connect in a submission-only status to the NC Health Information Exchange HealthConnex program.

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⚠️ Required role:

To manage NC HealthConnex settings, you must have a role as either an:

  • owner or manager
  • or solo provider.

Your practice also must be located in NC, or the role below will not appear. 

You can update that under Practice Settings → under "Service Location & Billing Address" (below):

Ensure your practice address is an NC-based address, then follow the steps below.

Enable the NC HealthConnex role:

As a Provider:
  • Go to My Profile (left menu)
  • Find the section "Health Information Exchanges"  (under the "Roles" section)
  • Click for "NC HEALTHCONNEX"

⚠️ Note: Turning on this role incurs a $12 fee per practice, per month for transmission

As an Owner or Manager:
  • Go to Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Click Staff (top tab)
  • Click on the provider name you wish to manage the settings for
  • Find the section "Health Information Exchanges"  (under the "Roles" section)
  • Click  for "NC HEALTHCONNEX"
⚠️ Note: Turning on this role incurs a $12 fee per practice, per month for transmission

For Client Privacy:

All clients by default are set to NOT report for privacy reasons. You must enable each client you are required to submit for. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Manage Client NC HealthConnex Reporting:

Once NC HealthConnex is enabled, submission for clients is managed on a 1:1 individual client basis by going to their records and enabling it.

Here's how:

⚠️ Required roles: Owner, Manager, or one of the client's providers.
  • Go to Clients (left menu)
  • Click on the client's name, bringing you to their Profile
  • Select Records (top tab)
  • Under "Health Information Exchanges" click   - shown below:


What and How are Client Details Submitted?

We submit the required demographics for a Submission Only Status.

Below we breakdown what is sent and the details associated with that so there's no confusion!

What is Submitted?

  • Practice ID
  • Patient Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Patient DOB
  • Patient Gender
  • Phone Number
  • Patient Address (all lines), City, State & Zip-code
  • Appointment Date & Time
  • Patient MRN/ID
  • Provider Full Professional Name
  • Provider NPI (Type 1)
  • Practice NPI (Type 2)
  • Practice Name
  • Practice Address (all lines), City, State & Zip-code
  • Diagnosis Code / Diagnosis Description
  • Procedure / Service
  • Procedure / Service Description
  • Submission ID
  • Patient Chart ID

When & Why:

  • This applies for each “encounter” (ie. appointment) as required by the HIE.
  • This data is automatically submitted twice daily, at 8:00 UTC & 20:00 UTC