Practice Logo - Banners and Icons

Want to have a custom  banner and logo in the system? Read on to find out how, and where these logos show up!

Required Role

Configuring Practice Logo Banners and Icons requires the role of owner - or - manager.

To configure and upload your practice banner, navigate to:

  • Practice Settings
  • General (should be selected by default)
  • Under the section Practice Logo, you have two different kinds of logos: Banner and Icon size images that can be uploaded (we will elaborate on each below)

  • Click to load one of the two different image uploaders

Banner Size Logos

The banner size logo is a 4:1 scaled logo that will be displayed on both the client portal, statements, and clinical records releases.

Captured dimensions: 700 pixels x 175 pixels
Maximum file size: 512 kb
Filetype support: png, pjp, jpg, pjpeg, jpeg, jfif
* We also support transparency on png images

Unsure how to resize or how to work with images?

Microsoft's Paint and Apple's Preview are two built-in programs for the two most popular operating systems and should be enough for minor cropping, editing, and your resizing needs.

Still having problems? Consider sending it to whoever built your logo originally, and ask them to re-size it to 700px by 175px or consult with a graphics editor on getting your logo edited and optimized. Consider showing them the paragraph above with the banner information.

  • Click edit to load the Banner icon. Here's what you'll see for the first time if you've never uploaded a logo

  • A prompt should then come up.
  • Then select the image from your computer
  • You should then see the uploaded image, and be allowed to crop it like this:

  • Then click

Once saved, then click  Back to Practice Settings

Icon Size Logos

The icon size logo is a 1:1 scaled logo that will be displayed on typically smaller screens on your client portal (most mobile phone users).

The actual size isn't the issue, as long as your icon is the same size and height, it should display as expected.

You can upload your icon logo right below the Practice Banner Logo with identical steps as above.

Where do Practice Logo Banners and Icons show up?

These show up in several of areas in the TherapyAppointment, namely on your client portal and statements, as well as clinical records releases.

The following screenshots were taken from the client portal, here's more information about that:

Desktop Client Portal Login View:

Mobile Client Portal Login View:

Once Signed into the client portal:


Chart Notes: