Client Portal Website Linking

Want to include a unique link to your custom client portal on your website?

Perhaps your email signature? Somewhere else so your clients can easily log in to the client portal?? Look no further and follow along for steps to obtain this link.

In this Article:

Finding your link:

select_window Your Website Example:

Here's an example of where you could put your portal link to the menu of your website:

Clicking this link brings them to your own client portal link, where they can either:

globe Client Portal Link Example:

When clients click your link, they're shown your own custom client portal page:

Note: The above example is shown with a custom banner logo. Article: Practice Logo Banners

Read on to find out how to get your unique client portal link, where you can then distribute it to clients so they can either register or sign into their client portal account with you.

This makes it easy for clients to access the system, where they can sign in to self-schedule appointments, send you a secure message, join a telehealth session, pay their bill, and more (or less) depending on your client portal settings.

To find the unique portal link within your account:

person As a Provider:

  • Go to My Profile (left menu)
  • Find the section Client Portal Settings (or click the right menu)
  • Just below the title is a light blue section
  • Click the copy icon content_copy to the right of the unique portal link:

shield_person As an Owner or Manager:

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Click Staff (top tab)
  • Click the provider name you want the client portal link for
  • Find the section Client Portal Settings (or click the right menu)
  • Just below the title, find the light blue section
  • Click the copy icon content_copy to the right of the unique portal link:
Click to see a larger version

What can I do with this now?

Once you copy content_copy your unique client portal link, paste it anywhere you need it: like sending to existing or new prospective clients!

Other Examples:

  • Add a menu link to your website
      → or send to your website developer
  • For groups: include in each providers bio page or listing
  • Social media pages
  • Email signatures
  • Or anywhere else it might make sense to offer a link to your client portal!

  • Alternatively, clients can sign into the same portal link you do!

    select_window Our Website: