Client Portal Website Linking

Are clients having trouble finding the client portal in 2.0? Make things easier for them by embedding a direct link to your portal, and drive clients to your own website!

Client Portal Settings

Did you know that it's possible to link the client portal right from your website, a Psychology today Page, Facebook page…..anywhere a client might find you? To find the unique portal link within your 2.0 account follow the below steps.

First, Enable the "Online Scheduling" section of the program, here's how:

  • Click My Profile from the left-hand menu
  • Navigate to the 'Client Portal Settings' section, click Edit
  • At the 'Allow Clients to Schedule Online?', select ‘Yes’, then Save
    • The screen goes back to ‘My Profile’ view - not to worry, *this does not mean clients have been allowed to schedule online initially, you'll be able to set those settings more below

The screen should refresh and bring you back to your profile:

  • Navigate back to Client Portal Settings
  • Within the ‘Online Scheduling’ section, click Edit
  • Update the ‘Public Directory’ to Yes, then Save (the screen goes back to ‘My Profile’ view)
  • Navigate back to Client Portal Settings
  • Within the large green box (under 'public directory') copy the link shown (*beginning with

  • Paste or link to it within your website page, social media page, or email signature. To manage portal settings, learn more here

(Additionally to consider: if you don't wish for any clients to be able to schedule online but still want this panel active, simply set both New/Active/Inactive clients to "no" in this same section at the bottom).

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