Client Registration Process

Allow potential clients to self-register from your personalized client portal linked to your own website.

⚠️  Note: This article discusses both the:

  1. Public client self-registration process and
  2. Staff-created (invitation only) client registration process

In this Article:

Customize Registration

To enable and customize the intake registration process:

  • Go to My Profile (left menu)
  • Navigate to the section 'Client Portal Settings
  • Find the sub-section 'Client Registration'

Here you will find namely two sections based on the way the client has been created in the system:

  1. Public Client Registration: Those that have found you either from your unique portal link or find your therapist
  2. Invitation-Only Client Registration: Those that have been sent an invite by a staff member to create their account

Edit Settings:

To change these settings, click the blue  button at the top right

Registration has the following options:

  • Whether or not public registration is allowed
  • Ask clients to provide insurance information → Yes or No
  • Ask clients to provide a credit card (using integrated card processing) → Don't ask, Optional, Required
  • Ask clients to complete assigned forms → Don't ask, Optional, Required

Configure the settings as you wish, then click

⚠️  Note: If you are managing settings as a Group Practice the process has a different process::

  • Practice Settings (left menu)
  • Staff (top tab)
  • Select the provider's name
  • Then scroll to the Client Portal Settings section discussed above

Once the public client registration setting is enabled any potential client will be able to select  on your personalize client portal as demonstrated in the image below:


Once the client clicks , the client enters the registration process describe below. 

Don't want to allow clients to self-register?

No worries!
If you prefer to invite clients to the portal to perform the intake process at your own discretion, ensure "Public Client Registration" referenced in the top section of this article is set to no, then customize the "Invitation-only Client Registration" to your liking.

Registration Process: Client View

Clients registering in the portal are guided by a "registration wizard" as pictured below.

They will complete each "section" of the process as listed in the progress bar at the top of their page to complete registration, shown below:

  1. Appointment details (optional)
  2. Registration details (demographics)
  3. Identity verification
  4. Insurance information (if enabled)
  5. Credit Card (if enabled)
  6. Online Forms Completion (if enabled, for auto-assigned forms)
  7. Confirmation page, to review & complete registration

Below is an example of the first page the client will see when booking an appointment as a never-previously registered client: 

⚠️ Note: Don't want your client to schedule their first appointment online?

Setting new clients to NOT be able to schedule online, but still allowing public registration would "skip" this entire appointment scheduling step and instead land the client straight into step 2 shown below.

Step 1: Select an Appointment Time (optional)

This screen allows a client to pick an appointment.

Clients work left to right, picking the:

  • What: Appointment type (not sure? click "I don't know")
  • Where: Location of the appointment

Once the details on the left are set, the client can select from an available date and times based on your availability calendar.

Article: Availability Setup

Clients not wishing to schedule an appointment at this time may skip this step by selecting with the bottom right button .

Step 2: Register 

Clients enter their demographic information such as name, date of birth, gender, address, phone #, email, reminder preferences, as well as reason for appointment. 

⚠️  Note: Clients can begin this process by uploading their Photo ID in the top blue section with the button.

Using machine learning, TherapyAppointment will automatically pull the full name, DOB, and address to automatically fill in client details and providing you with a copy of their photo ID:

Once complete with that, click .

Step 3: Client Verifies their Identity

For security reasons, TherapyAppointment requites your client to authenticate the registration via text or email based on the information entered in the previous screen.

This will only occur with public registration. With staff sent invites, we don't include this step.

Selecting  will prompt you for the code sent to the phone number listed in the demographics section. 

Once the code is entered, the client will click .

Step 4: Insurance (optional)

If your setting  Ask clients about their insurance coverage? is enabled, clients will be prompted to enter their insurance information.

⚠️  Note: They can optionally upload an insurance card here as well.
The system does not automatically "scrape" data off insurance cards as it does with IDs due to complications and varying formats

Step 5: Credit Card (Optional)

If your setting Ask clients to enter credit card info at registration? is set to Optional or Required, clients will be prompted to enter a credit card to save on file. 

⚠️  Note: You must be connected with integrated credit card processing in order to collect credit card information from clients. More information: Configure Credit Card Processor

Step 6: Online Forms (Optional)

If you have online forms or standard client documents set to auto-assign, and set to ask clients to complete those forms as a part of registration (based on the settings discussed at the top of this article), here we will take clients through the process of completing those forms.

Here's an example of a form during registration:

⚠️ Note: If set to optional, clients can skip either some or all forms with the button.

Step 7: Confirm

The client will be shown an overview of their appointment and asked to confirm: 

Clients are able to edit the appointment details by clicking the edit icon to the right of the When or Where above.

🎉 Success!

Once the client clicks , TherapyAppointment provides them with an overview.

They are prompted to   (bottom right corner) to continue and complete their account setup:

Step 8: Create Username and Password

For confirmation purposes, the client is asked to enter their date of birth. 

⚠️ Note: The date of birth must be entered exactly in this formula: mm/dd/yyyy

⚠️ Note: Having issues with this? Check below under Common Hangups!

Once they click , they are prompted to set up their username and password.

⚠️  Note: Clients can reset their own passwords knowing only their Username with the steps here: Reset Password - Any System User

Registration: Common Hang-ups

Receiving an "invalid portal link" error? 

Invite links for clients are valid for 48 hours for client security.

Your office will need to re-send the invitation through the client's Profile, then Resend Portal Invitation (on the right menu).

Article with steps: Portal Credentials

Date Of Birth Not Working?

  • TherapyAppointment compares the DOB with what's on file with the client's profile for their privacy and security.
  • Clients will need to enter it exactly as shown on the profile, formatted this way: Syntax: mm/dd/yyyy - including 0's and the full 4 numbers for the year), or it will fail validation.
  • If your client is reporting repeated validation failures here,  manually verify the DOB they are entering and compare to their profile as illustrated in the example below:

If you need to change the client's date of birth, click the  edit button at the top right of that section (the blue square with a pencil through it)

Once the client has successfully entered their date of birth, they will be prompted to set up their own username and password. Next, the client will then be signed into the client portal and viewing their dashboard.

Client Interrupted in the registration process

Depending on how far they made it into the registration process, you may be able to resend them the portal invitation so they can resume where they left off.

  • If they made it past the text / email verification step as a self registering client (step 3 above), then they will be saved in the system.
  • Search for the client, and if found, follow the steps here: Client Portal Credentials.
  • If the client is not found in your clients list, ask them to start again, or consider creating them & sending an invite, steps here.
Note: The article Client Portal Overview is an appropriate guide for both staff and clients.